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Lindab Sp. z o.o. - is a world leader in the field of ventilation products and systems. Airtightness of higher class assures the precision of construction of our ventilation systems. Due to their quality, our products are recognised both on Polish and foreign markets. The technology used in the manufacturing process uses the newest solutions of leading Italian, German and Swiss manufacturers. A warehouse equipped with high storage system allows us to swiftly process our Clients’ orders.

Smay round cut-off fire dampers

The fire dampers of the KTS type are intended for the assembly in the ventilation systems as the cutting off partitions, separating the zone covered by the fire from the remaining part of the building. The dampers of the KTS type are the cutting off dampers (normally open), symmetrical intended for the horizontal building (in the walls) and vertical ones (posts). They can be installed in all types of construction partitions.

Fire dampers type:
E - means the fire tightness I - means fire insulation
120 - time of meeting the requirements in minutes
h - dopuszczalny montaż w pozycji poziomej
i<->o- confirmation of effectiveness
S - marking the smoke-tightness

Smay dampers in the dimensions from DN160 to DN630 (all medium dimensions).
The basic series of types are the following dimensions: DN160, DN200, DN250, DN315, DN400, DN450, DN 500, DN 560, DN 600, DN 630.

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