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Lindab Sp. z o.o. - is a world leader in the field of ventilation products and systems. Airtightness of higher class assures the precision of construction of our ventilation systems. Due to their quality, our products are recognised both on Polish and foreign markets. The technology used in the manufacturing process uses the newest solutions of leading Italian, German and Swiss manufacturers. A warehouse equipped with high storage system allows us to swiftly process our Clients’ orders.

Thermozone® AD 100

AD100 is the smallest air curtain in the Frico AD range, designed primarily for small openings such as kiosk and service windows where a narrow warm air stream is required. The stream of air separates different temperature zones preventing cold air intrusion and loss of conditioned air.
Thermozone AD100 provides additional heat, thereby improving the working environment. They can also be used as "door heaters" to increase indoor comfort. For entry doors, we recommend any of the larger air curtains in the Thermozone series.
With AD100 a hygienic environment can be maintained by keeping out fumes, dust and small insects.
AD100 units can be mounted on the wall above a door or a window, they can also be mounted in false ceilings.
The AD100 can be powered from a standard electrical socket, with the cable and plug that are prefitted, and the airflow can be regulated in two stages. The motor has high quality ball bearings for a long life.

  • low sound level,
  • corrosion proof housing made of hot zinc-plate and powder enamelled steel panels; colour: RAL 9016,
  • compact design requires minimum headroom,
  • integral switching for heat and air flow (AD102/103); AD105 heat only,
  • easy connection with cable and plug (AD102/103); AD105 supplied without cable and plug,
  • resetable overheat protection and built-in thermostat 5-35°C

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