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Lindab Sp. z o.o. - is a world leader in the field of ventilation products and systems. Airtightness of higher class assures the precision of construction of our ventilation systems. Due to their quality, our products are recognised both on Polish and foreign markets. The technology used in the manufacturing process uses the newest solutions of leading Italian, German and Swiss manufacturers. A warehouse equipped with high storage system allows us to swiftly process our Clients’ orders.

MINI DROP condensate removal pump

• The pump is mounted in the collection pan
• Size (HxWxD): 65 x 104 x 32 mm
• Weight: 0,25 kg
• Outlet tube size: 6 mm i/d
• Power: 230V AC 50-60 Hz 16 W
• 23dB(A) @ 1m
• Maximum recommended head: 8 m
• Suction lift: 1 m
• Water flow rate: 10 L/hr at zero head
• Maximum water temperature: 40°C
• Thermally protected
• High level safety switch with 3A volt-free wires and normally closed contacts
• CE marked
• In the box:
   - pump
   - power cable
   - reservoir
   - inlet tube
   - breather tube
   - cable ties
   - AV Pad

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